01 November 2012

The Halloween Photo Overload of '12

Here is just what you're looking for...zillions of photos of costumed kids. 

This year Daphne wanted to be a crocodile for Trick or Treat Day (as she calls it), but being the uncreative person that I am, I didn't want to figure out how to make a crocodile costume.  Then she decided she wanted to be a pumpkin and that was something I knew we could handle. 

She and I searched Pinterest so that we could get a common visual, and here's what we came up with:

Um, yeah.  Totally cute.  And pretty much a tutu is the answer to everything.

We are cheap when it comes to costumes.  I think coming up with something to make is half the fun.  With Christian, since he doesn't know what's going on, we basically raided the closet and came up with something near and dear to his daddy's heart:

He's a runner, in case that was unclear.  Or as Daphne says, an 'exercise boy.'

Daphne LOVES Trick or Treat Day.  She remembers last year very clearly, meaning for months we have been counting down the sleeps until the big day.  I would say her birthday, Christmas and Trick or Treat Day are all equal for Best Days Ever in her book. 

We have a little tradition of Trick or Treating with some friends, and I think that is most of the fun. 

Our evening consisted of David and Daph managing to squeeze in a little pumpkin carving time.   We've been so busy lately that we hadn't found another time to carve, so I'm glad they were able to fit it in.

There was the face painting portion of the evening, in which Daphne wanted a completely unrelated-to-her-pumpkin-costume design painted onto her face.  Fortunately, she listened to Brooke (because she loves other mothers more than she loves me) and settled for a little butterfly on her cheek.  Like a butterfly just happened to land on the pumpkin.

We had supper of this chili recipe, which is my favorite ever, and the big kids had loads of fun at the kids table in the kitchen.  We could hear lots of joyful screaming coming from that table.

Corralling the kids for a group photo was challenging, so our options of  'good' photos to choose from are small.

I like C and E's eyes
The weather was perfect for a nighttime walk; no rain and not cold enough for coats to cover the costumes.  Our house was about 900 degrees thanks to the wood stove and the fact that I had been baking all afternoon, so getting out into the fresh air was refreshing.
the menfolk

And finally, digging into the loot.

We let Daph eat all the candy she wants after trick or treating, and then overnight the rest of the candy disappears.  It's a lot of sugar in her system at once, but then it all goes away at once too, instead of having little bits in her all the time (like, say, if she got a little bit of candy every day).  I'm always surprised how little she eats when given the opportunity to eat all she wants. 

Christian just kept trying to eat the wrappers.

And that pretty much sums up our 2012 Halloween.  I'm sure this detailed play-by-play of our evening makes you feel like you were right here with us. 


Lori said...

the kids look darling.....but, please tell me Daphne is not wielding a knife in the pumpkin carving photo!!!!

melissa said...

I know, right??! David was in charge of that activity! It was actually a pumpkin carving tool which I'm sure could still do some damage, but isn't quite the same as a real knife. No blood was shed so I guess that's good!