09 November 2012

Our New Friend Annie and Some Llamas

If you ask enough times, it's possible your grandparents will eventually buy a horse. 

This is Annie.  She is Daphne's new best friend.

Daph likes to walk her, tell her 'whoa,' and give her apples.  She's not too thrilled about riding her.  That will come soon enough, I'm sure. 

Christian likes Annie, too, but his true love is the llamas. 

In this picture you can see his little hands singing 'more,' telling me he wants me to ignore the horse and go back for more llama watching:
David and a llama having a moment
I say try asking YOUR grandparents for a horse.  You never know; all your dreams just may come true. 


Kelley said...

You forgot to mention, Annie came underweight. I did not starve her but am trying to put weight on her. She looks so skinny. Now you will have to do Annie updates.

Lori said...

Yeah!!!! a horse!!

GrandpaR said...

The daffy is pretty pleased with herself isn't she? My pigs are already jealous....