06 November 2012

Good Days

The weather has been so perfect lately that we've been spending every spare second outside, soaking up the fresh air and trying to store it in our hearts for the winter ahead. 

Tonight we stayed out until it was too dark to take pictures and until two children were desperate for their supper.

Thank you, Aunt Angie, for winning this wagon in Ohio so that we can ride around in it in Oregon. 

This morning we visited a park in Brownsville that was so alive with color I didn't want to leave.

I could have stayed for hours with coffee and a book and grown-up people, but alas, those children and their stomachs.

Good thing they are so loveable and delightful. And good thing they will happily jump around in leaves just because their mothers tell them it will be fun.

Daphne and Christian played in their play house together for the first time the other day.  First time without an adult up there, I should say, because Christian is now sturdy enough to be in the house all by himself.  They seemed so grown-up.  I love watching them become friends.

sleepy-eyed from naptime

These are indeed good days. 


Lori said...

Those leaves are AMAZING....and what is happening to C's hair....is it getting curly?!?!?!

melissa said...

It is getting curly! He'll probably need a haircut soon, but I don't want to cut all the curls off!