02 November 2012

Don't Read This Unless You Like Food

I had about an hour before people were coming over and I was standing in the kitchen preparing to make apple dip.  Christian was hanging on my leg crying, and Daphne was sitting at the kitchen table hollering about needing food.

I was searching my recipe books where I keep recipes I've cut out of magazines or have written down from other sources, but the instructions for the apple dip were no place to be found.  My hour was shrinking and my kids were getting louder.

After flipping through my books twice I finally remembered I had posted the recipe in an October 2010 post about some favorite fall recipes we had tried.  The dip was made, Daphne was satisfied with food, and I finally had two free hands to pick up the still crying boy.

To save myself from this scenario ever presenting itself again, I am re-posting the recipe, AND putting it on Pinterest so that it will forever be in my desserts board, AND am writing it down in my recipe book.

It will be the first thing I have ever pinned from myself, so please, feel free to re-pin it and make me feel good about myself. 

Toffee Apple Dip

1) Mix with a hand mixer 8 oz. of cream cheese, 1/2 c of sugar, and 1 t of vanilla.

2) Mix in half a bag of Heath bits.

3) Eat up, because it's de-lish.


And now that I've gone to all this trouble, I have the recipe memorized and will probably never need to look for it again.  Excellent.

On a side note, this is what Christian looks like when David is responsible for hair maintenance after a bath:


Lori said...

Oh, I laughed out loud when I saw C's hair!!!!!

Erin said...

Oh Christian! I laughed also! Reminds me of Addie Mae when Kyle is in charge after bath/shower time :) Oh my, that is just...awesome. I think it should be his new style.

Kelley said...

I remember a photo of D when her dad was in charge. I think the lesson here is, don't let David be in charge of after bath hair! C is wishing you had learned it earlier.