22 November 2012

Thankful, Wonderful

Thanksgiving is always a little hit and miss for us, since we usually don't know until the last minute whether or not David will be working.  Today we are thankful that he got the day off.

Our day was peaceful and restful, pretty much exactly how a holiday should be and yet rarely is.  Daphne spent last night with her grandparents, so we got a morning with only one little one.  I was thinking to myself this morning as Christian was playing peacefully by himself while I puttered around the house that life is so much easier with just one, but then I remembered that Daphne was not one to play peacefully by herself, so really, no one should ever make a mother with one child feel like she has it easy with her 'just one.'  'Just one' can be just as challenging as a houseful of children. 

I love Chistian's Thanksgiving photo from last year:

Compared to what he was up to this year:

After C's nap we headed over to Gramma and Papa's for a dinner that, happy for me, I did not cook one iota of.  Such a treat for me.

Christian only ate mashed potatoes, because he is picky like that.  Daphne enjoyed all the food, because she is the opposite of picky, but she especially enjoyed pie.

And because I just love comparison photos, here's Thanksgiving 2011:

With 2012.  Amazing how both of them have very similar expressions, like poor Christian's expectations were dashed as he realized it really isn't going to get any better.   

We came home with enough time to get the tree out for the family room downstairs.  Of course Daphne was thrilled, but Christian's exclamations of "ooohhhhh!" were quite amazing as well. 

It really was a thankful, wonderful day.  

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