24 November 2012


As soon as Daphne was born and named the nicknames for her started rolling off our tongues.  I thought her name would a difficult one to morph into any other name, but it turned out to be quite easy.  Daphers, Dapher-Do, Daphalicious, Daphinator...it's amazing what you can do with the name 'Daphne.'

Christian, on the other hand, has been much harder.  We don't want him to be called Chris, meaning that name was immediately off the table.  Not that we don't like the name Chris, it just seems like once your name gets shortened to another name your full name is never used anymore.  We like the name Christian too much to not let it get used.

(Daphne's nicknames are all fine because it's not like we're going to give up the name 'Daphne' so that we can call her 'Daphalicious' forevermore.)

(Although that would be pretty cool.)

Sometimes, though, the name 'Christian' is just soooo long and difficult to say that you need something a little smoother to use.  It's taken us about a year, but a few little nicknames have started to come out that we really like and are acceptable for anyone to use.

Crok:  David came up with this one fairly soon after he was born.  The 'C' is for Christian, 'RO' for his middle name, and 'K' for our last name.  Crok also gets turned into 'Crockers' quite a bit.

Trout: Christian takes liquid fish oil every day which causes him to smell like fish at times.  David started calling him Trout, and also refers to him in all manner of fishing related terminology.  He's 'the catch of the day,' or 'a fine catch,' etc.  It's a cute little name.

Crish:  Daphne came up with this one.  They were playing in the living room one day when she was trying to get his attention and called him Crish.  I thought it was so cute, especially since she came up with it.  I call him Crish quite a bit.

Mr. Handsome Pants:  I realize this one is actually longer and more challenging than his actual name, but it fits him quite well and sometimes the situations just calls for it.

Nicknames that haven't made the cut are Christ and any other Messiah-like terms. (Much to David's dismay.)

There you have it.  All the names we've come up with and the riveting stories behind each one.   Good stuff.


P.S.  In case you were curious, we chose the name Christian because we love it (I've loved it since I was in high school, actually), but also because there was a missionary 100 years or so ago on my mom's side of the family who's name was Christian.  We used the name in part to honor him.  Christian's middle name is my maiden name, since there are no more Roth boys to carry it on and it would be terribly tragic if the name just died away. 


Nutty Mom said...

aw I love this post! Especially Daphne's nickname for him. Donut got her nickname of KK from Peanut when Peanut was too little to say her real name. It's funny because her name doesn't even have a K in it, but it's totally stuck! I think Crish is actually a traditional Irish name. Very cute.

melissa said...

KK? That's so funny! I'm excited to see what Christian calls Daphne...right now it's just 'Da,' which isn't very exciting. :)