10 November 2012

Let's Talk Politics

How 'bout them elections, hmm?

I've decided that should I become political, I have two strong platforms to stand on that would get me votes no matter what position I happened to be running for.

They would be:

1)  Move Thanksgiving forward (back? I don't understand which is which) two weeks.  So instead of the 4th week of November it would be the 2nd.  Then switch with Veteren's Day.

This would benefit us all, mainly in the form of the Christmas season being two weeks longer.  David wanted to get our basement decorated for Christmas today, which is crazy nonsense, unless Thanksgiving was this week.  Then it would maybe be OK.

And 2), the most important of all, would be to rid the land of Daylight Savings.  I would get the votes from all the mothers of small children for that one reason alone.  Hawaii and Arizona survive without it, and Thailand survives without it (other places too, I'm sure) so I think we could too.

I saw someone share an old Native American quote via Facebook, so naturally this quote is true, that roughly says "only the white man would cut the top off a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and expect the blanket to be longer."

Amen and amen.

Let all the children stop awakening at 5 A.M.  Vote me for ___________ (position yet to be determined). 

that means you, buddy

1 comment:

Kelley said...

Indiana does not observe it either. I'll vote for you. I don't have small children. However, when they stay the night the 5 AM thing just does not work.