30 October 2012

Don't Tell Me I Have to Give Up My Coffee Shops

We had to drive to Aurora last week to pick up our freshly butchered cow.

(Doesn't that sound delightful?)

The day was beautiful.  Fall to perfection.  Sunny with a crisp feel; leaves falling.   Really, a perfect day for a drive.

A perfect day for a visit to our favorite coffee shop in West Linn.  A perfect day to walk the streets of Aurora and check out some antique malls.

Or, a day to keep kids happy on the drive and pick up muffin crumbs off the coffee shop floor and drive right on through Aurora because there was no way the two little ones would survive such an adventure.

I love my kids.  I adore them and think they are the most amazing little creatures I have ever known.

But sometimes they really cramp my coffee-shop-loving style.

(Don't be mad at me for saying that.)

Christian is at a very bad age for anything that requires staying in one spot and being quiet.  I don't think he realizes that fall is the most perfect time for relaxing in a coffee shop.  Does he understand the draw of a Pumpkin Spice Latte?  It's more than a drink, kid, it's an experience

And Daphne is 3, which is not really an age for antiquing. The 'bull in a china shop' cliche comes to mind. 
escaping baby

I guess someone gets to relax

So we changed up our trip a little.  We visited our coffee shop, but we were quickly in and out.  We took the Canby Ferry because Daphne loves ferry boats.  We talked about how someday we'll get in a shopping trip to Aurora, maybe when we have something in particular to shop for.  

Kids change things.  I can be upset about it when it means the things I want to do aren't possible.  Or be thankful for it, because the experience of parenting is too much of a gift to waste on my petty, selfish thoughts. 

I miss my coffee shops, but I'll choose my kids any day.  


Lori said...

I say try to enjoy it all at once!! Ha... you are doing a great job!

Shelley said...

Trust me I IDENTIFY.

Sometimes I think back to when Randy and I would sit in a bookstore for hours sipping coffee, lost in our own individual stacks of books, and I about cry.

Hang in there.:)

Bethany said...

Oh what i would give for a day at good ol' Monti's. To just read, explore the antiques and drink coffee while sitting down.

Have you heard of this place in Battle Ground? http://littlecupscafe.com/index.html Might be worth the trip. I have't been there yet but it is only 15 minutes from my house and have had friends say it is pretty great. One friend has a kiddo with major food allergies and she's been able to enjoy it too.

Robert Mahan said...

Every day is a perfect day for a coffee shop, Melissa! :) Especially if you like reading novels or you're a writer. Though, it could be costly in some ways, for some. But at least, every once in a while. By the way, Daphne looks so adorable in the picture. :) Judging by the picture, I assume, she ate brownies?