17 October 2012

Google Search

Blogger has a stats counter available for users to check traffic on a blog.  My favorite is the traffic sources.  I find great entertainment in reading what folks typed into Google that led them to my blog.  There are the typical ones (Rider Babies, Little Rider Babies, etc.,) but here are some of the more unusual (and entertaining) search words that led people to us in the past few weeks...

Tooth Fairy Conversation:  It's true, we are the ultimate source on giving advice on handling the tooth fairy experience in your household.  That's why when I tried to explain to Daphne when the next tooth fairy visit will be (when she is older and her teeth start to fall out), she gave me an extremely concerned look and now seems to be nervous on when this horrific day is going to happen.

Smile with Holes in Cheeks:  Yikes. I don't think we have that here. 

Baby Cowboy Girl:  I think it's easier to say "Baby Cowgirl."

Playground Invitation:  You don't have to be invited to the playground!  You can just go!

Daphne Berries:  She does love berries!  Or are you talking about Daphne plants that have berries?  Because if that's the case, this blog won't help you.  My Daphne plants do not have berries.  (Or do they?  Now I can't stop thinking about it and feel like I need to go check my plants.)

(Nope, no berries.)

Amazing Trees Photos:  Pretty sure there is no reason that phrase should lead you to this blog. Pretty sure I've never taken a picture of a tree.  Oh wait, I take pictures of our Christmas trees!  And those are amazing! 

No Spare Diaper:  I've been there.  My only advice is, always have a spare diaper.

P.S. Why do you need to search for that on Google?

Christian Birthday:  Christian's birthday?  Or a Christian birthday?  Because Christian's birthday was really fun.  A Christian birthday would maybe have Jesus cupcake toppers?  Whereas maybe a Hindu birthday would have cupcake toppers featuring one of their many gods/goddesses?  I'm not sure. 

Mommy Goes Grey Hair:  Such cruel, cruel words to describe me.

Fire Pit Ideas:  Yes!  So happy to share we have fire pit ideas! (Well, one idea.)

Enjoying Eating:  "And, of course, the funniest food of all: 'Kumquats'."    — George Carlin.

Stay tuned.  Maybe we'll do this again someday.


bannerday said...

I found your blog by googling about Shriner's Portland experiences (I have a little guy having surgery there very soon, and while we LOVE regular clinic appointments, I am nervous about surgery). I am so inspired by reading about other children/families with unique challenges, so I put your blog in my Reader. :)

Kelley said...

You can take care of the 'Mommy Goes Grey Hair.' I know D would help you search for them.