11 October 2012

Slices of Life, Vol IV

This edition of Slices of Life contains some favorite gems that Daphne has come up with recently. 

*Daphne was reading off her list of things to do for the day:

"First we'll go to Fred Meyer's, then we'll go to [her friend's] house, then we'll come home and watch a show."

The recipe for a good day in her eyes, apparently.

*Daph's getting really good at identifying specific musical instruments in a song.  The other day while out running errands a piece of music came on the radio and we started playing our "Let's ID the Instruments!" game.  (Best car game ever.)

Daphne: "Is that the guitar?"
David: "Nope, that's the trumpet, like what Daddy plays."
After a long, long pause, Daphne said, "I play the microphone."

Now if you ask her what instrument she plays she will tell you she plays the microphone.

*She asked me the other day, "Is your hair strong like in the Bible?"

(Name that Bible story!)

*When Daphne told me this summer that she "only goes to the bathroom in the toilet and in the grass" I knew that someone other than myself was teaching her about toileting locations, since I've always emphasized the importance of using only a toilet. 

*The concept of time is confusing for any child, and when Daphne told me "I will have those later yesterday for my birthday" I really had no idea when she was talking about.

*Ever letting her imagination run wild, especially when it comes to pretending what she can be, she told me "I'm an f-15 girl.  I need to go to the airport to take off."  Also, you can tell that there is much talk in our house about airplanes.

*Daph got into a little trouble the other day and so was spending some time out time in her bed.  When I went in to get her she appeared to be missing, but on closer inspection I found that she had taken the pillow out of the pillowcase and climbed inside the case.  It was a pretty good hiding place.

*David: "Tomorrow I think we'll go outside and you can help me pick up pine cones."
Daphne: "I don't want to go outside.  I want to stay inside and help mommy and talk about stuff."
Me: "Oh really?  What are we going to talk about?"
Daphne: "Bananas.  And animals.  Banana animals."

*And finally, I heard Daph hollering about putting a headband on Christian so that his hair would stay out of his eyeballs.  I grabbed the camera and found this scene in the bathroom:

The big sis dressing up the little bro has officially begun.  And it seems as if Christian is quite pleased with the arrangement.


Shelley said...

LOL! And I don't use that term unless I literally lol'd, which I did. This is too much! Usually when I hear silly things kids say I always tell the mom, "Write that in their baby book!" But a blog works just as good. :) Banana animals. Too much I tell you.

Lori said...

I didn't get the announcement that Christian was walking....but it looks like he is in that last photo!

GrandpaR said...

Oh Daffy Daffy, What a nut