03 October 2012

Enjoying the Warmth

Everyone has been talking about this crazy warm weather we've been having, so I'll just pipe in and say I know!  I love it and am not complaining...although it doesn't feel like October.  It's strange to be hot at the pumpkin patch.

The really great part of this warmth is that we're getting even more use out of our back patio than is typical, meaning I might as well have fun and decorate it for fall as well.  I came to a great dilemma in the fact that I only grew five stalks of corn, though.  Three for the front porch and two for the back is a little skimpy.  Next year I may have to up my corn field to maybe ten stalks.

Daph was mad at me for not only trying to put her tiny pumpkins on the patio (I need to not let my pumpkins plants die next year) but also because I used her wagon in my decorating. 

I love that it's still warm even while the days are shorter because it means we can enjoy the cafe lights while the children are still awake.  The cozy atmosphere keeps us from wanting to go in at night. 

Every year as the weather starts to turn chilly, I wonder how we will make it once we're cooped up indoors every day.

For now we will soak up this warmth and be thankful for a few extra weeks of sunshine.


Kelley said...

When did you get the table? I like it. And I know where there are more stalks. You could probably increase your display 10 times.

melissa said...

The white table? We've had it for many years, but usually used it at the patio in the way back by the horseshoe pits. We need a trip to the Roth Pumpkin Patch very soon!

Kelley said...

The oval table. It's white?