08 October 2012

Second Patch of 2012

So, just how many pictures of my kids with pumpkins can I post before y'all get bored?

mr. handome-pants

The pumpkin patch we went to last week is one of my favorites because it's basically just a fruit stand with a field of pumpkins next to it.  It's small and low key and very close to our house.  It's a good place to sit and be happy with the pumpkins.  This week we decided to go wild and go to a real pumpkin patch, with animals and a corn maze and other random fun for small children.   You can't really sit and enjoy because you have to see everything and spend money. 

(Except we only spend $2.  Cheapskates.)

First Daphne had a blast with this merry-go-round:

And Christian was super proud of himself for playing in this little house:

Then they both had a blast on the merry-go-round:

Don't forget the funny face cut out things, that I don't really understand the point of but we all always do them anyways:

They both had a really good time, so I would say this pumpkin patch trip was worth it.  It happens to be basically right next door to the farm where we pick up our milk on Mondays, so who knows, maybe we'll go back. 

Since it's David's birthday month we needed to make a Red Robin trip for his free hamburger.  Can you believe we were sitting outside, perfectly warm, in the middle of October?  Where are we right now?

Christian threw us all off by eating his weight in french fries.  According to his one year well child check he's only about 10 percentile for weight, so I'm not really sure where he packs in all the food he eats.   I feel like our grocery bill is already larger with all the food that boy puts away.

In case you were curious about what C looks like while eating french fries, of course I took many photos.

How many photos of that can I post before they get old?
oh man, those cheeks...


Kelley said...

You let C eat french fries? Wow, D was almost a teenager before she got to.

Lori said...

so, so cute....and I LOVE the firepit!

One Blessed Momma! said...

He is such a cute lil guy!!! I love all the pics :0)Um...did Daphne get her hair cut???