07 October 2012

October Birthday Bash

I love my new fire pit.  I especially love my new fire pit when it is surrounded by dear friends.

Our home group has six families in it, and one spouse from each family has a birthday in October (that would be six birthdays, for those of you who are mathematically challenged).  Two even share the same date.  It's kind of crazy and amazing.  Tonight we hosted what is probably our last backyard party of the year and had a Home Group October Birthday Bash.
a lot of birthdays on that birthday list

We roasted hot dogs and had s'mores.  I used this recipe to make gluten free graham crackers, and I've decided that homemade graham crackers is where it's at.  Those things are good.
s'mores packets

quite pleased to roast 'mishmoes'

We love our church, but being a part of a home group has made our church experience exactly what we needed.  This is our third year as a home group, and now people who we used to barely see on a rushed Sunday morning are people we could call day or night if we needed to.  Our church feels like home because of this group of friends.

Home group Sundays are the best Sundays. 

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