02 October 2012

Fire Pit Completed

I forgot to mention that Christian took 8 steps in a row yesterday, using both feet like a normal walker.  That's pretty amazing, right?  Do we get to say he's walking now?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that David was building us a new fire pit.  He did all the work by himself, but the idea to use our old, falling apart wheelbarrow was mine (I didn't even see that on Pinterest...I could even put this on Pinterest!).  And the location idea was mine.

Basically, I love getting to come up with ideas and then have someone else do all the hard work.

(I don't know why there is a space between the photos.  It's not like that in my editing so I can't make it go away.)

The Adirondack chair is an amazing place to sit.

If you sit there with a cup of coffee there is a good chance you won't want to get up again.  (The voice of experience speaks.)
Christian + fire pit = no fire

Daphne got to roast hot dogs the other night.  She thought that was a wonderful activity. 

Sometimes after the kids are in bed David and I will go sit by the fire pit and it's almost like we're out on a date.  Especially this time of year, it's a perfect addition to our backyard. 

The only bad thing about sitting by the fire is that smoke always blows on me and then I have to smell smokey.  Now I know smoke follows beauty and all, but really.  Can't the smoke blow on someone else sometimes?



One Blessed Momma! said...

I love it! You two are so handy and crafty! :0)

Kelley said...

You really had hotdogs!? I can see having the edge to hold the roasing stick is a great help.