19 October 2012

Third Patch of 2012

If you're going to a pumpkin patch, you may as well make it the most famous one in Oregon!

We arranged to meet some friends on this pumpkin patch trip.  Christian feel asleep on the way there, and while I was sitting in the car with him waiting for him to wake up, Amy Roloff herself parked her car in front of mine and walked right down to the patch!!  Imagine my excitement at yet another famous person sighting! In true creeper fashion, I jumped out of my car and took a picture of her walking.  Just in case it would be my only chance to see her.  I figured this could qualify as another famous person photo if necessary.
me being a creeper: not shown

Sadly, a few minutes later she walked back to her car and drove up to her house.  It was a good thing I had taken this picture while I had the chance.

A few favorites at this patch for Christian included the little train ride:

And bonding with all the farm animals, because apparently he is Dr. Dolittle the Second.

best photo ever

I know, you can only look at so many pictures of a kid with some goats (and llama type creatures and calves), but it was just so precious seeing how happy he was with the animals.  They kept flocking to him like he really was speaking a secret animal language.

Daphne's favorite thing was of course the time with her friends.  She kept telling David to leave her alone and not talk to her.  She seems so young for that to be starting. 

the big sisters

Mommy got to visit with her friends, too:
I'm the only one with no tiny-baby-in-Ergo

Sadly for us, we had to leave in time to get David home for work.  We were heading back to the car when what to our wondering eyes did appear??!!

Oh yes, that is me, in deep conversation with Amy Roloff.  Nothing creepy about me except for my unending lists of questions.  And the fact that Christian kept trying to play with her jingle-bell earrings.  That wasn't at all awkward. 

She was the sweetest thing ever.  She had a book signing to get to (hence the double family photo here, so that she didn't need to take the time to pose with each family separately), but she sat and chatted with me for quite some time.  I could have sat with her for hours, especially since once we got home the most perfect things to ask kept popping into my head.  How many times can I go to Roloff Farms before they lock me out?

And we got another lovely famous person photo for our memory books:

(Anyone else notice that we have a gift for meeting up with famous people?  Really, it's amazing.  I even have one that I haven't blogged about yet.)

Daphne said to me, and I quote, "Is she kinda little? Haha."

It was horrifying.

Amy said to Daphne, "I hope I get to see you again!"

(I think that means she's going to invite us to dinner! Because I know she's never said that to anyone else ever!)

A few more photos because it appears I have not shared enough:

"stay away from me, daddy!"

P.S. We also drove by the Helvetia Tavern that appears in Grimm, but we were in too much of a hurry to get home so we couldn't stop for a photo shoot.  Plus I imagine that would have been just a little too much famous-ness for one blog post. 


GrandpaR said...

WHo is Amy Roloff??

One Blessed Momma! said...

Man! I REALLY need to be adopted. You are just too cool! I heart the Roloffs!! :0D

Kelley said...

That is one interesting pumpkin patch. I want some of those vine-less kinds.

melissa said...

Poor Dad.

melissa said...

When you want to move in just let me know. :)

melissa said...

They are very nice!!

Kelley said...

I explained to Dad who Amy is. He didn't know they had a farm. I don't know where he has been.