01 October 2012

First Pumpkin Patch of 2012

We waste NO TIME when it comes to going to the pumpkin patch.

We love the pumpkin patch.  We go, like, 5 or 6 times in October.  To all different ones.

We love it.

As a side effect, our kids love pumpkins.  Daphne is really into tiny pumpkins this year, and right now she is hoarding all our small ones in her bedroom as decorations and won't let them out into the rest of the house.  I tried to put a few on the back patio and let me tell you, there were many tears and then she gathered them all back up and put them back in her room.  It was all very dramatic. 

Hard to believe this is what the two littles looked like exactly one year ago at this very same patch:

Poor, squished little Christian.  And this year is far too warm for pumpkin hats.

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