19 December 2012

Another Birthday

Daphne had her second birthday party on Sunday and I would say it was one of the best days of her life.
happy about the food

She requested hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries, cupcakes, cake, ice cream, presents and balloons.  I am pleased to say each of her requests were granted.  We made sliders and of course couldn't find slider buns anywhere, so we made our own buns.  Here's the recipe in case you need to try making buns for yourself.  They are quite good and surprisingly easy to make.

happy about the presents

Christian borrowing presents

"is this a guitar for me?" she asked when she opened it

She got some lovely gifts and has been carrying them all around in a gift bag since we got home Monday night (including a surprise gift from the Schweitzer's!  What a treat).

feeding Addie Mae candles

This is the first year Daphne really anticipated her birthday and she wanted a party so badly (she thought Christian's birthday was pretty amazing).  We're very thankful for Auntie Erin opening her house for us and for everyone taking time to come celebrate.

Now we're working on getting ready for our next big event: the largest slumber party of all time.  Get this:  We're having 15 people over for a Christmas party on the 23rd, and of those 15, 11 are staying the night.  Here.  At our house.  (Plus our family of 4.)  Have you every heard such wonderful news?  For reals, this will be the best slumber party ever.  Also, it will give us a taste of what it would be like should we decide to have 13 kids. 

(I can't imagine why those final 4 don't want to stay also.  I mean, we still have some room in the playhouse outside to cram a few more folks in.)

(And I'm guessing we'll decide against the 13 kids idea.  Just guessing.)


Lori said...

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!! Oh, btw, did I tell you that I snore.....LOUD!!!

Kelley said...

What's with those four? Don't they know the fun they will be missing?

melissa said...

Then maybe you can have the playhouse! Kidding. You and Dale get the family room downstairs with the sofa bed, so you'll be fairly secluded. :)

melissa said...

They are party poopers.

Scooter said...

we are party poopers, sheesh! I guess theres always one. Every party has a pooper thats why we invited youuuuu...party pooper. ha ha

melissa said...

Oh my word, so funny!! We'll still like you anyways. Especially if GAB brings caramel corn.