02 January 2013

Christian Says Good Words & Some Bad Words

Christian said his first little sentence today.  David came in the back door and Christian said "dada outside."  Outside is his favorite place to be.  He talks about it a lot. 

I feel like he's just too little to be stringing words together already.  There's a possibility he's going to grow up to be too smart for his britches.

Of course, his 'outside' sounds more like 'a**,'  so maybe we'll be fine.

Speaking of outside, he gets to wear Daphne's hand-me-down Stonz Booties now.   Sometimes I can be super lazy and send him outside while he's still wearing his jammies since the boots can go on right over his footie p.j.s.  If I had a baby gate for the driveway I could toss him out the front door and let him play in the driveway for as long as he wanted.  He may be immune to the cold weather but I, the babysitter, am not.

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Lori said...

I LOVE the first photo of this post!! and his hair is getting so curly!