20 January 2013

What to Wear to a Football Game

Would you like to see the 5 zillion pictures I took of the kids this morning, dressed for the Big Game? 

We can have a 49er fashion chat while we look at pictures.  
fake smiles

I think this is the last year for Daphne to be able to wear her 49ers pillowcase dress.  She's worn it every year since she got it at 10 months old, first as a dress, then to a tunic.  This year it was basically just an awkwardly short shirt. 

Poor Christian only has a 49er hoodie which I did not feel was classy enough for church and then would be too hot for when our home group people came over this evening.   He just went for neutrals so he could 'wear' his hat and play with his 49er football (not pictured).

And now, as you all know, the 49ers won today which means they are going to the Super Bowl!  David is basically over the moon about this.  He wants to stay home for the game (something about being in his own turf to watch his team play) which means I get to throw a fantastic party.  It's way more fun to throw a Super Bowl party when someone in the house passionately cares about one of the teams.  Personally, my favorite thing about the 49ers is that the team color is red because that means the decorations will be beautiful and will blend in nicely with our house.  Thanks, 49ers, for not having ugly colors. 

David is already scouring the internet for a shirt for Christian to wear, and I think if you want to come over to watch the game it's pretty much a prerequisite that you wear red.  Unless you really like the other team, then maybe you don't have to. 
this boy loves watching football

That's pretty much all I have to say about football for today. 

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