25 January 2013

Our Amazing Week in Bullet Points

*Monday:  David went on a man-date to watch The Hobbit, leaving me another evening at home after the kids were in bed to work on some ridiculously intricate (but beautiful!) Super Bowl party decor.

*Tuesday:  The hard drive on our lap top crashed.  This type of thing has never happened to us; it's one of those terrible atrocities I thought only happened to other people.  Fortunately I had been trying to get caught up on backing up all our photos.  We still lost some good ones, though, like our trip to Canada and Christian's first birthday.  Sadsies.

*Wednesday:  I got to be up Tuesday night with a lovely Crohn's attack and had to miss BSF. 

*Thursday:  Daphne got a little fever and I think maybe an ear infection.  We've never had an ear infection in the house before, but her symptoms seemed to fit my internet searches for what could be ailing her (and the internet has the answers to everything!).  Fortunately she has the strongest constitution of anyone I know and today seems back to normal.  

*All Week Long:  We are currently DIYing it all over the place, including projects like antiquing paper with soy sauce and the oven.  I hope the paper appreciates that our soy sauce is gluten free.  Although now that I think about it, I think the biggest question should be why do most soy sauces even have gluten in them in the first place?  And will my hands ever stop smelling like soy sauce? 

*Today is Friday, although not really our Friday since David still works tomorrow.  Today should be normal with no illnesses/technological malfunctions/anything else unexpected.  The children will be in good moods and Christian will eat everything I feed him and throw none of his food on the floor.  No one will cry and both kids will take 5 hour naps this afternoon.  It's going to be a great day. 

(Pictures from one year ago, since I'm on the old laptop with old pictures.)


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