19 January 2013

Out of Words and Arm Muscles

I haven't too many spare words right now.  My mouth is pretty tired from answering the never-ending questions from a certain 4-year old I know.

"What are we going to do when I wake up?"  "What are we going to do when Christian wakes up?"  "What are you going to do after I go to sleep?"  "How many more sleeps until Home Group?"  "What is [our neighbor] doing right now?  Is he wearing his pajamas?"  "What are doors made out of?"  "Are we going to Home Group in 3 hours?"  "Is it almost dark out?"  "What are we going to do when it's dark out?"  "Is it almost Christian's bedtime?"  "Do you have a special project for me?"  "What color is this red book?" "Can we go to Target?"  "Can we go to Home Group?"  "Can I move to Albany and live with Becca and talk to her?"  "Can I call your mom?" 

I try to answer her, although I admit to falling into the vague "I don't know" and "mm hmm" answers after a few hours minutes.  Then I realize I basically said yes to eating candy canes and Avenger fruit snacks right before lunch and moving to Albany and calling everyone in my contact list and so I have to back-pedal and remind myself to pay a little more attention. 

Christian figured out that he knows how to climb up onto the kitchen table and dining room table.  Pulling him off the tables every few seconds is a very good work out for my upper body. 

Pulling him off the tables so often also greatly affects my cooking, as discovered when I only put a teaspoon of yeast into our hamburger buns instead of a tablespoon.  Those were some dense hamburger buns, let me tell you.  Daphne, so sweetly, ate most of hers and then finally told me "I just like other hamburger buns, but maybe not these ones."

Christian also discovered the joy of stealing markers from Daphne's coloring box, as evidenced by the orange streaks on one of my beige bath towels.  

Never a dull moment. 
he chose this outfit

she can all of a sudden draw anything, her fav. being animals.  amazing.


Jen said...

Jude and Daphne seem to be going through very similar phases...even with the sudden ability to draw! But dude, the questions and the constant talking. Sheesh!

Shelley said...

Daphne is just such a little delight.:) Love hearing your stories.