14 January 2013


Let's talk about my most favorite thing!

"She is too fond of
& it has
turned her brain."
~Louisa May Alcott

As we are such book lovers around here, here are some book-related facts about our family:

*Our library is the first place of business Daphne recognized when she got to the age of recognizing places.
*I have my library card number memorized and never have to use my library card.  When I had a teacher account I had that card number memorized as well. 
*I wish there were more facts I could list, but there just aren't.

My need-to-buy book list is always evolving, but here is how it sits currently (you know, in case you get it in your head you want to buy me a book for some reason).

The Entitlement Trap:  So many people have recommended this book on giving kids "a sense of ownership, responsibility, and self-sufficiency" as the book description says.  As I haven't yet read the book I can't really give my own description, hence just copying it straight up for you.  

Don't Make me Count to Three:  The book I talk about pretty much every 5 minutes on this blog.  It's weird that I still haven't purchased it.

Nourishing Traditions:  Talk about an amazing book to read when you have a fascination with nutrition as I do.  I don't think I could ever be as strict with food as she is (because we could basically never eat at a restaurant or someone else's house if we did...which of course doesn't say much good about the state of nutrition knowledge in our country, I suppose) but I sure do like to try.  I figure being mostly good at home is better than never being good at all.  And it does feel oddly rewarding to have pots of beans soaking in whey sitting on my kitchen counter. 

The Backyard Homestead:  I got this from the library once and never was able to sit and really dive into it like I wanted to.  I think I need to own it as a reference book.

The Blessing Book:  And pretty much every single book by Linda Dillow.  I own Calm My Anxious Heart and have read it about 6,000 times, and I've checked out The Blessing Book quite a few times over the years. 

Divergent and InsurgentInsurgent ended on such a cliff-hanger and I just need to know what's going to happen!!!  According to the internet I have to wait until September.  This is why I don't like to read a series until the entire set is out.  I think David would like this series which is the main reason I want to own them...he doesn't like to read books from the library because he doesn't like having to try to finish them in 3 weeks or less.  I want to own the Legend series so that David will read them as well.  With both the Divergent Trilogy and now Legend, I read them so quickly thanks to the page-turners they are that I will need to re-read them to get all the details into my brain again. 

If I Were a Mouse:  We love all the books by Karma Wilson, but when I read through this one with Daphne I just loved it.  The majority of her books are not Christian in theme, so the storyline in If I Were a Mouse caught me by surprise and is probably why I loved it.  I would probably like to get this book as well. 

And there you have itLet me know if there is anything else you want to buy for me I need to get.       


Kelley said...

Well, two facts are better than none.

Meeka said...

So glad you posted these! i've been looking for some new books and I already know you and I have the same reading tastes :)

melissa said...


melissa said...

Yes indeed! Although the genres has expanded slightly since 8th grade, haha.