15 May 2014

This LEGO Table is Amazing

Years ago I saw a fantastic idea for a DIY LEGO table.  The only thing holding me back from making it was that we didn't want another kid table around.  Daphne has that same cheap Ikea table, but since she uses it all the time for things other than LEGOs/DUPLOS, I didn't want to make any permanent changes to the table top.  Having a regular table and a LEGO table was just a little over-the-top crazy for us.  SO.  I came up with a fantastic idea.  (At least I think it was me.  It's such a great idea that I really want to take the credit.)

David built a 'lid' that fits perfectly over the top of the Ikea table, and we turned the lid into the LEGO part.  Then we can take off the lid for regular table use, and storing the lid takes up way less space than another table.  Obviously.

Isn't it so creative and cute?  And aren't we geniuses?  The kids love it.  Major points for spending $0 on this project and successfully using up spare wood that was laying around.  

With more DIYing came more pillowcase jammies dresses, plus one pillowcase turned into a regular summer dress.  I love that they only take maybe 20 minutes to make.  I would make more except the kids share a dresser and they each get just one drawer.  Sadly, it actually IS possible to own too many clothes.  

Christian really needs summer PJs too...do you think he could get away with wearing these?  (David says no.)

Speaking of summer PJs, Daphne asked me why God is making the weather so hot.  I made her a strawberry milkshake and told her to be happy about the sunshine.  The hot weather has made Christian start napping again, and there will be no complaining about anything that induces napping. (Or making milkshakes, for that matter.) 


Kelley said...

Maybe shorts and tank tops out of pillowcases?

Kendra B. said...

I LOVE those dresses! And you are brilliant for your space-savingness. It's a word. Or it should be.