12 May 2014

I Think They Call This Nesting

Christian announced at supper that we're going to have a baby tonight.  I'm not really feeling up to that project right now, though, so hopefully not?

I got out my sewing machine today for the first time since we moved.  Both my fabric shears and rotary cutter have been missing since the move; very distressing.  Why is it that no matter how organized you try to be in your packing and moving, something ends up lost? 

Today I made Daphne a "jammies dress" (AKA nightgown), her favorite type of pajamas.  I was inspired by an idea I'd seen on Pinterest: found a pillowcase at Goodwill for $.99, left the opening as the hemmed bottom, cut off the top and added elastic and lace.  She is so pleased with it and would like many more.  And since we're trying to build a house and feel very poor, the kids are just going to have to be happy with clothing fashioned from thrift store linens from here on out.  (Because I totally choose wainscoting in the house over new clothes for them.)

The baby got some new bibs.  I had these cut out for Christian when he was a tiny spit-up monster but never got around to sewing them together.  Hopefully this baby won't be a spitter, but I guess we will be prepared just in case.

We brought baby stuff home yesterday from its storage spot in my parent's barn.  Daphne asked me to show her how to set up the infant seat so that she will know how to do it when she needs to babysit the baby.  So excited that she's already up for babysitting. 

Last week's weather was so drizzly, it's nice to see the sun again.  We've learned that this little house heats up like a sauna.  There are no big trees around to help keep it cool, I guess.  That one day it was 90?  It was like 88 in here.  After just one day! The kids acted like they were dying.  I guess this week we will all be dying some more.  (In the best way possible, of course.)

Speaking of dying, I had a thought the other day about whether or not spiders go to Heaven.  Because we like to think our pets do.  Imagine if every spider you ever killed was just waiting for you up there at the Pearly Gates?  Think about that one for awhile. 
bloody knees, always

one final ultrasound at St. V's

won't be needing rainboots this week

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Erika said...

Love the 'jammies dress' and those bibs-- SUPER cute!! You should make an Etsy or something. I don't know how Daph is going to manage babysitting for you when she will soon be kidnapped and living in Georgia, but I guess yall can figure something out...