04 April 2010

Eggs and Stuff

Well, I am way behind on blogging. Daphne has been super ill this past week and we are back to no longer sleeping around here. Remember when she slept through the night? Yeah, that was so nice.

On a lighthearted note, one of our chickens laid the largest egg of all time a couple days ago. I think she must be half ostrich. It cracks me up every time I look at it because it is so huge. I've never taken so many photos of an egg before.

Can you see the giant? It's a little hard to miss.

The egg carton doesn't close over it.

I realize that probably no one else will find this large egg interesting in the least, but did I mention how much it cracks me up?

Talking about eggs just brings us right into the fact that today is Easter. Daphne has been sick, like I mentioned, and last night was not a good night for the two of us. I was afraid we weren't going to make it to church which is sad because Easter services are always so nice. We decided to go but just not put Daphne in the nursery (to keep her germs to herself) and be prepared to leave early if she started to have an illness-induced breakdown (which she did). Plus she had a cute dress to wear that...wait for it...I made for her. That's right, I made it. With a square of fabric, needles and thread. No Scotch tape or staples or anything.

I couldn't get her to look too excited about it. She really didn't like the big bow next to her neck. The dress initially had long flowing tails of ribbon cascading down to the hemline, but I trimmed them up to save her some grief.

Isn't it great to know that if she and I were stranded on a deserted island and I had all the proper tools, I could fashion her a modest covering?

She showed a moderate interest in her Easter basket. Last year we didn't get her one since we knew she didn't care, but this year I was really excited about making a basket for her. David picked out the police motorcycle, I found the book and I made the two stuffed animals. I believe that being able to sew stuffed animals takes me to an all new level of cool. Never mind that David said the giraffe was really cute but that the elephant looked like a cat with one long ear.

Excited about church.

Getting ready to pull out her flower clip.

The nose bubbles are back.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Kim said...

So many things to comment on! First of all, Erin brought your clothes for me yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was so fun to dig through as I have nothing that fits right now. Secondly, I love Daphne's dress! I've started sewing again too and it's been so fun. Maybe we'll have a girl and I can learn to make dresses!

Jessica said...

I also believe that being able to make a stuffed animal moves one to a new level of cool! It happened to me when I knitted each of the boys a stuffed animal! Way to go! I totally love the animals you made! On a side note... gotta love them snot bubbles! LOL!