10 April 2010

A Little Translation

When Daphne and I got home this evening from a shoppin' trip, she kept saying 'dut' over and over again as we were getting out of the car.

Dut? What on earth is a dut?

Finally, slightly exasperated at my failure to understand her, she switched to sign language, where she told me she wanted to eat.

Eat. Dut. Totally makes sense now.

My favorite of her new words from this week is 'book.' I have waited a long time for her to learn 'book.' I'm not a fan of babies pointing and grunting at what they want, or worse, pointing and whining. I appreciate it when Daphne can tell me what she wants in a calm, rational manner. (Because 15 month old's are usually very calm and rational.) It's so much nicer now that she can use her words to tell me that she wants to read a book, because I tell you what, that girl really does love to read.

By the way, her 'book' is actually 'gook.'

'Peek-a-boo' is 'coo-coo.' (I love that, because I think 'coo-coo' is a funny word.)

'House' is 'ow-oos.' Two syllables.

'Church' is 'kirk.' (She says 'church' only because there is a picture of a church hanging above the glider where we rock. She likes to look at it. She also gets a confused look in her eye when I say we're going to church and we go get in the car, because what does the car have to do with the picture of a church?)

Her 'car' is quite easy to understand. Especially because she's usually waving bye-bye while talking about the car. Like, come on, Mom, take me somewhere!!!

'Chicken' is 'kicken.'

There are many more, but that will get you a good head start on understanding her when she's frantically trying to tell you she wants to dut. Or gook.

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