04 February 2015

Three Year Olds Stress Me Out

Daph keeps commenting on how quickly winter went by this year, and I keep telling her that it's January that's over, not winter.  This weather has been confusing, I'll give her that.
here is Jonas, hanging out by a fence, not feeling cold

Last year I remember having a really warm day in January and then the very next week we got loads of snow.  We expect snow any minute now.

Valentine's Day is already next week, and we are VERY excited because we love Valentine's Day. Currently there are red hearts all over our house.

Aaaannd...Christian purposefully ripped a library book today.  He claims he did not know that we aren't supposed to rip books.  I don't even know.  What I do know is that three is a hard year.  Does anyone else think so?

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