23 January 2015

Slices of Life, Vol VX


(Christian found a purple moon shaped Lucky Charms marshmallow on the floor.)
"Look!  I found a golden pretzel!"

Sometimes feeding him can be such a battle.  I set his supper plate in front of him and he said,
"This will make my tummy hurt my feelings."

(I was holding Jonas)
"I can't see Jonas because he is too little!  Jonas is too small, Mom!"

He told me recently,
"It's so nice at our new big house!  We can do so many fun things here, like go poo and go to the bathroom!"

It's hard to get pictures of Christian these days, but here he is doing something to Lola while Lola is obviously thrilled about it.  


(We're trying to get into the habit of getting all toys put away before David gets home so that our evenings can be spent hanging out with him instead of the pulling of teeth that is getting them to clean.)
Me: "If you pick up toys now, then when Daddy gets home we'll have time to do other fun stuff."
Daphne: "Maybe we can sing songs like we're a tiny choir?"

(Daph loves hosting parties and particularly making sure the people coming will have a good time)
"We can have a party with all our friends and have packs of gum!"

(I was trying to distract the kids from laughing and being gross about Winnie the Pooh's name)
Daphne: "Why is it Winnie the 'Pooh?'"
Me: "It's his name, it's not the yucky poo."
Daphne: "Oh, it's just the smell good poo?"

Daphne told me:
"I'm going to be in the para-Olympics and the Olympics so I need to go live out in New York City."

(We were discussing the BSF lesson)
Me: "What was your story about today?"
Daphne: "Moses came down from the mountain and the people were worshiping a calf."
Me: "Well, that's pretty silly."
Daphne: "No Mom, it wasn't silly, it was very bad."

Daph got a new hat from Papa's work.  Most days as we're heading out the door I'll here her mutter, "Oh, I forgot my hat" and dash upstairs to grab it.   It's fine because it's better than the AWANA vest.


Now, what is this?!  A video?  Welcome to 2015, people.  I realize a video of a baby blabbering is kind of a bore...but still.  Watching it makes me want to eat his darling little face. 

This video was taken a month or so ago and his vocabulary skills have improved greatly since.  Lots of impressive consonants now. 

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