07 January 2015

Daphne: 6 Years Old

Daphne's birthday is Christmas Eve and that is not a good day for a birthday.  My solution is: we should've lied to her about her birthdate.  Why didn't we? The 23rd would have been a perfectly fine birthday.

OK, lying is bad, so we'll figure out something perfect one of these years.  So far she thinks it's fun to have so many festivities at once.  We'll see what next year holds.

She chose Frozen plates and napkins for her party, as probably 99.9% of all girls are doing right now.  Fortunately Frozen means snow, and snow and Christmas work pretty well together.  A few snowflakes on the windows and walls and some cotton ball snow falling from the ceiling and we had a lovely birthday breakfast room (that transitioned well into a Christmas Eve dinner room).

David had to work but was able to sneak home for an hour, and that made Daphne extremely happy.

Here's the situation with her cake:  I didn't pay attention to the fact that I put the cake pans in the oven onto the pizza stone, so then the pans shifted and the cakes baked crooked.  That's not too awful because I could just layer the fat side of one cake with the skinny side of the other and it would all sort of even out.  Except I must've been out of my ever-living-mind because I accidentally put fat on fat and skinny on skinny.  It was terrible.  Daph did not complain, because she's either blind, or just blissfully happy to be decorating a cake. 
i know, worst thing you've ever seen

such sweet little cousins

But really, it's just a perfect example of who she is.  So good at figuring out how to find joy in all situations, even when her first inclination is to complain or be disappointed.  She often says, "I will be content with whatever I get, Mama."  Her tender heart...is there much more you can want in your child?  Because from a tender heart springs empathy, servant hood, loving others more than yourself, being a 'marigold-finder'; a Jesus-emulator. 

david built the house, i got the fun part of decorating it, others bought her the pieces

She's a good girl, our Daphne.  I get so overwhelmed sometimes with all the correcting and disciplining that I forget to notice all the things she's learning and growing in and doing so well at.  I make so many mistakes and yet she still wants to snuggle up with me every evening, still tells me she loves me every day, still wants to be my helper, and plans to never marry so she can live with us forever.

How did we get so lucky?


Michelle said...

She is such a lovely girl and you are such a lucky family to have her!

And that doll house is the most perfect and wonderful thing ever. I want one to decorate! I mean... for the kids of course. What do I have to do to hire David to make me (us girls) a dollhouse? Maybe he should teach steve while they talk about brooklyn nine-nine.

Erika said...

SO sweet!! I just love her! (And one of my BFFs growing up had a Christmas Eve birthday and yeah, it sucked. I complain about mine being 12/12, but 12/24...whew.)