16 January 2015

Jonas: 7 Months

Let's use all the cliches: HOW is he so big already?  WHERE is my tiny baby? Only 5 months until he turns 1!  WHY is this happening to me?

get over it, mom

Jonas's Favorite:
*Big Boy Food.  All the time. 

Jonas's Not Favorite:
*Being on his tummy.  Does any baby ever like that?  Usually he'll roll himself over but sometimes he'll just growl until someone rescues him.  Because there's no reason to do for yourself what someone else will do for you.

He got his two bottom teeth last month, the earliest of any of my kids.  He looks so grown up now.
wittle teefies!

One night last week he let me sleep from 10PM to 5AM.  I woke up at 5 and realized I felt fantastic from getting the longest sleep yet since he'd been born.  We haven't gotten to do it again, but he's such a better sleeper than his older siblings that I don't really care.  He usually wakes up once in the night, then again between 5-6, then sleeps until 7:30.  

He needs a little evening catnap, but for some reason that evening nap has always been hard for all of our kids.  Do other people have that problem?  It's rare but nice when we get him to take a little snooze for us.  Otherwise I try to chase away the evening fussies by sitting him in his chair with an apple slice or something so I can get supper going.  My goal is to teach him that when he's sad/tired/bored he should eat.  The lessons are going well so far.

I think he weighs around 14lbs.  Our scale is fickle so it's hard to tell.  He's still working on filling in his 6 months clothes.  He gets to wear mostly hand-me-downs from Christian, but the boys are off ever so slightly in seasons so that he needs some warmer things that C didn't have.  But I keep not buying him stuff so he'll probably just have to tough it out and be cold. (NO he won't, he wears hats and other warm coverings.)

I almost forgot his funniest thing!  He likes to store food in his mouth like a chipmunk.  I was trying to put him to bed recently and couldn't figure out why he wasn't relaxing and taking his pacifier. I finally did a little mouth swipe and pulled out a chunk of apple!  But he still wasn't relaxing so I did another swipe and found another apple.  So silly.  He likes to sit around with food hanging out of his mouth, too.  You can see this for yourself with Exhibits A, B and C:

It seems like most photos of him now are when he's eating.
bath time is a good time, too

He's such a good, wonderful, perfect baby.  And even though I miss his tiny-ness, 7 months looks pretty good on him.

at 1, 3 and 6 months

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Erika said...

Ahhhhh he is so cute!!! And that is hilarious about his chipmunk ways!!