05 February 2013

Us + Farm Animals = Great Love

Our stash of firewood has been running low lately so yesterday we took the day to run to Albany and give David some wood cutting time.  Also there are three February birthdays we needed to celebrate
and some delightful farm animals to visit.  Sounds like the makings of a great day, right?

Daphne amazes me with how at ease she is with all the animals.  I've never seen her be scared, even when she lays in the grass and hopes that Annie will eat her. 

Christian fell completely in love Annie.  He wasn't too keen on being on her back alone, but he was perfectly happy being up there with David.  I think if Annie and David had gone on a little ride around the field Christian would have quickly been fast asleep.

And then there's Pascha.  Isn't she the most beautiful little thing?

We are allowed to love Pascha because she is not for eating.  She is the start of our little herd and will be good for milking and producing beef to eat later on.

It's really too bad that she can't live at our house.

After animal time it was birthday time.

And Chinese Lantern time.

And then time for a late night drive home, wherein Christian was fast asleep before we even reached Albany city limits and Daphne talked and talked and talked the entire way home.  

Christian has been talking about Pascha and Annie today and Daphne has been trying to ride Lola.  It seems the effects of the farm animals don't quickly wear off.   


Scooter said...

What a fun day! Can't wait to go over and meet Pascha face to face. One of these days. She seems very happy in her new home with Annie. It was fun having all you in our home last night. Happy farm animal days ahead...we are planning our future with chickens should be interesting.

Lori said...

I miss out on everything

melissa said...

You'll just have to come in May for the May party. :)

melissa said...

You guys will be such cute chicken farmers!! You DO need to go meet Pascha...she likes to be snuggled. :)