03 February 2013

It Was Fun Anyways

Some highlights from our afternoon:

1.   Just use your Pinterest account imagination and anything can be turned into footballs. 
whoopie pies

juice boxes

2.  Fantastic timing on turning the under-used office area in the basement into a play corner.  The kids were happy as clams.  (Why are clams so happy, anyways?)

3.  Great time with great people. 

4.  David started out the day SO HAPPY.

5.  Daph just loves playing hostess and even gives out football treat bags to her friends.

Some lowlights from our afternoon:

1.  Sad for David that his team lost.

2.  I can't really call this a low, since really a mess is just a sign that you got to have fun.  But I had to take a picture of Daphne's bedroom anyways. 

After everyone left, Daphne was with me cleaning up when she plopped herself down with a great sigh and said, "I'm tired of cleaning up."  I told her that it's a tiring job, but it's part of getting to play hostess, and of course, just a sign that you have people to play with.  It's not such a bad job after all.

We had a really fun afternoon, and while David is disappointed with the outcome, he's just happy his team made it to the Super Bowl. 

Although I think they should put me in charge of the halftime show.  I bet I could come up with something way better. 

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