14 February 2013

The Day of Love

Valentine's Day is so great.

David had to work today but the kids and I did plenty of Valentine-esque activities. 

Daph and I made these homemade toaster pastry things because they are David's favorite to take to work and have with his coffee at Starbucks.  My kids do not like them because neither of them like jam.  What kind of a person doesn't like jam?  I know some people in this family could eat jam off a spoon. 

(Not me, because that wouldn't be ladylike.)

(Except it's totally me because jam is so good.)

I've been wanting to learn to embroider for YEARS and finally used YouTube to learn the blanket stitch.  Lovely skill to have!  I also learned how to separate embroidery floss, because trying to separate that stuff has been a thorn in my side for far too long.

For Daphne's Valentine treat I made these little felt cupcakes using the blanket stitch.  I think they turned out so darling.

(I used this tutorial)

Daphne HUGGED the cupcakes when I gave them to her, so I think that means she liked them?  Because I'm not 100% on what this face means:
apathy?  love?  can't say for sure.

I'm looking forward to spending hours a day in the front parlor honing this new embroidery skill of mine.

Except that's my life as a princess and I forget at times that it's not reality.  Bummer.
post nap grumpies for the Love Bandit

Since Daph's love language is craft projects we did some Valentine themed ones. 

what a surprise to see him standing on a table

The day capped off when our mail lady filled our mail box with piles of Valentine's.  We did not do Valentine's this year and I apologize for not...we really should have.  Daphne was so happy with all her cards.

The end.  


Kelley said...

Oh, good grief, I could have shown you the blanket stitch! I know how to do LOTS of stitches. And I even know how to separate thread. Did you know there is a warp to the thread and a correct direction to pull it through the fabric? It saves on tangles as you stitch. There is so much I could help you with.

Cute cupcakes, by the way. C on the table, what a surprise. And the kids don't like jam? Who raised them?

Meeka said...

Those cupcakes are AMAZING. Do not show Derek, he will want me to make him some for his kitchen and I will have to break the news to him that I am never going to be as cool a mom as you with your homemade toaster pastries and handstitched kitchen ware :).