13 February 2013

Big Boy Hair

I'm sure there has been much talk on when we were going to take control of Christian's wild mane.

(I'm sure.)

These 'before' picture were taken almost 2 months ago now, back when I thought I would get it cut and yet continued to procrastinate.  

I would feel exasperated too if my hair was out of control

Suffice it to say his hair has just gotten longer and shaggier in the past two months, and with all the references to him being a girl (thank you, blind people who can't see his decidedly masculine clothing) it was time for a trim.

I wanted to take him down to the same salon where we have taken Daphne, but West Linn is just soooo faaarrr to drive, not to mention that I knew he would not take kindly to a stranger touching his hair.

Thus we employed Curious George and some fruit snacks and gave it our best shot. 

And now Mr. Handsome Pants is trim and tidy and ready for Harvard.



Kelley said...

Curious George and fruit snacks seem to work! Such a cutie, but I miss the curls. Happy Valentine's Day.

Erin said...

What a little man! Looks all grown up, *sniff*