01 February 2013

The Super Bowl is Coming!

We are shaping up to throw some serious parties this weekend.

Again, I am thankful for our Super Bowl color being red.  How very handy it is to be able to reuse decorations I made for Christmastime.

Let's see...what else have we been doing...Oh, when Christian climbs up things and gets stuck, he just keeps going higher and higher like he thinks if he can get a bird's eye view of the situation he'll somehow be a little better off.  Alas, he just starts hollering and then I find him like this:


Daphne, decorating extraordinaire, gets SO EXCITED when we are gearing up to have people over.  She made some party decorations with her Bendaroos and has been proudly sticking them all over the house.  Certainly I would would not have thought to decorate the television!  I'm glad I have her to help me with my lack of creativity.

And another situation I walked in on the other day: a Sharpie tattoo parlor happening in Daph's bedroom.  Both kids have giant 49er jersey tattoos on their backs, which may or may not have been slightly embarrassing to showcase at Daphne's doctor appointment today.  (Speaking of dr. appointments, last week when I suspected D had an ear infection, boy was I right.  Her little eardrum had even burst which I had also suspected.  But never fear, it happens sometimes and just heals on its own.  The doc said her ears look great.)
she also has a santa/homeless man on her bicep

he has an 'I heart mom' on his bicep

Today I had to snap this picture and hope I remember to take the same picture in another 15 years or so.  Sheesh, I get a little weepy thinking about the two of them heading off on adventures together:
Hopefully, though, we won't be needing to repeat this particular pose:
totally creepy

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