28 February 2013

Slices of Life Vol X

A Typical Afternoon:
Daph was working on an art project while Christian chased Lola around with the baby stroller.  Christian and Daphne were both happy.  Lola was sad.

(Sorry about the space...it won't go away for me.)

never been happier

A few lovelies that Daphne has given us recently:

*"Another day you and I can go to a place and cut people's hair.  We will wash their hair and cut it.  Then Daddy will help and we will put sparklies in their hair."  

*"Where are the scissors with the black handle?  We need to find them.  When Daddy comes home he will find them.  Because he is amazing."

*"Jesus, thank you for Erin, Kyle and Addie and all the Albany people, and thank you that Christian takes a nap."

*"Did the bees make that honey for you?  That's so nice that the bees did that."

*Daph: "Can I have a gummy bear?"
  Me:  "Umm, no."
  Daph:  "Is that a question for Daddy?"

An Impromptu Interview with Daph:

Me:  "Where you do you like to go?"
Daphne:  "To Addie's house and Adelle's house."
M:  "What is your favorite food?"
D:  "Pears and peaches and bananas and tomatoes and oranges and corn."
M:  "What are your favorite types of clothes to wear?"
D:  "Hello Kitty clothes."
M:  "What do you like to do?"
D:  "Paint and cook."
M:  "And what is your favorite show?"
D:  "Veggie Tales!"

Most mornings after breakfast I turn on music in the living room and the kids have themselves a dance party.  The same stuffed animal dance partners are included at each dance session.

Even though she was just dressing to go outside to play, Daphne was insistent upon wearing a bow in her hair.  She may look nothing like me but at least she inherited my love for all things pretty.

When you ask Christian what a lion says he'll give you a little lion growl.  He sounds just like a tiny lion cub and it makes him very squeezable and cute.  He also likes to look pretty. 
this photo is horrifying to David


Lori said...

I love interviews! I interview Levi on car trips when he's bored

Kelley said...

Poor Lola. Christian needs to come chase Pascha. What was Daph's art project? Uhm, I understand David's reaction to Christian's photo.

Lori said...

LOVE Daph's comment about a question for David! HILARIOUS!!!!