05 March 2013

Painting and Raining (But Not Painting in the Rain)

I'm at my best when elbow deep in a good home improvement project.  Right now my project is the kitchen.  I got the walls painted yesterday and now I'm deciding the best way to paint the trim.  I would prefer it to be 75 degrees out so I could take it all outside to sand and paint it, but sadly I don't see that being possible any time soon.  Except I heard maybe this weekend is supposed to be nice?

So.  Tell me, all of you painting experts...how does one go about tearing apart a kitchen and sanding/painting with little ones afoot?  Should I wait until I can work outside or just try to make it work indoors? 

Whatever I decide to do, the kitchen is turning out exactly how I imagined it and that makes me very happy.

Yesterday's beautiful sun was so magnificent that today's rain meant we had to cheer ourselves up.  We decided to attempt something we haven't done in many moons: a coffee shop visit.  David needed some more maple flavored syrup which we can only find at our favorite little place in West Linn, so we held our breaths and hoped for a good outing.

Apparently all you have to do is time your trip so that you arrive right at snack time, and then the littlest child will sit perfectly happy and suck cream cheese off a bagel for 20 minutes or so.

Here is Daphne telling me that coffee shops are her favorite type of restaurant and that she loooooves coffee shops.  Have I mentioned that she is just fabulous?

These two also aren't so bad:

a big truck drove by.  that's exciting stuff. 

Once we got home and after nap time we hunkered downstairs for a movie, trains, and laundry folding event.  After a few minutes Daphne looked at me and said, "Mom, do you think you should go make some popcorn?"  

Of course, yes.  I really should.  What was I thinking? 

 FYI: this movie/trains/popcorn/laundry event is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. 

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