27 March 2013

Weekend Visitors

Our weekend was just how Daphne loves it: with a house full of people.

Aunt Becca came Friday to spend the weekend.  I love it when people spend the night because it means once the kids are in bed, I can leave.  Saturday night I went to Starbucks to work on my BSF lesson, then wandered around Target for awhile, then met David for supper while he was working.  Not a bad night for me.

Cousin Levi from Alaska came down to visit PSU for the weekend.  This is how Daphne felt about hanging out with Levi:

"When I grow up I will have a tiny baby girl and I will name her Jesus, and then I will have a boy and name him another Levi, and then we will have two Levi's!"

She was concerned about his height, though, and was a little worried he couldn't fit through the doorways.  
poor Levi...they never left him alone.

he ate breakfast, so they needed to eat, too.

if you bring her donuts, she will be your best friend.

Sunday afternoon Papa-Great and Grandma-Great came to spend the afternoon with the kids and see Levi.  Daphne made Becca blow up a million balloons in preparation for 'Grandma-great's party,' as she called it. 
books with Grandma-Great

ponies with Grandma-Great

Daphne and I made pizza for the party.  She made this pizza all by herself, and I think for the first time I could say she was actually helpful in the kitchen.  She did this pizza will I did the other one.  And yes, she is dressed like a butterfly.

David heaved a sigh of relief when the house was finally empty (poor guy can only handle people for so long) and Tuesday we ventured out all the way into Washington for a little exploring (it sounds better to say 'all the way into WA' then 'we drove 3 miles up the freeway') where we found our new family favorite coffee shop.  Brewed Awakenings, it's called, and man was it lovely and cozy and delicious.  We would go every day if we could.  Except I was just looking at the photos from the link and I think they must have remodeled recently; now it's full of couches and comfy chairs and a big fireplace.  Wonderful, wonderful place.

We also ordered our carpet and I got abut half the trim done in the living room.  I would say our weekend was productive.


Amalia said...

Great pictures of your children with your Grandmother !! Wonderful person she is I really appreciate her !!

melissa said...

That's so nice of you to say! I don't think there is anyone out there who doesn't love her!