29 March 2013

If You Were to Peek in Our Windows

If you were to peek in our windows you would be known as what we affectionately call a creepy stalker.  We would not be friends and I would call 911.  Plus the neighbors would see you because we have neighbors that are good like that.

But, for posterity sake, let's pretend like you could somehow innocently peek into our windows on any random given day.

You would see that Christian is getting back for all the squeezing and squishing he endured from Daphne when he was a helpless babe.

(It also helps that he can yell "NOOOO!!!!" at the top of his lungs, but you wouldn't be able to see that.  You would need to hear it, so you would probably need a glass pressed up to the window and that wouldn't be awkward at all.)  

You would see that wild wrestling is a daily, if not hourly, occurance.

If you could peek in our windows, you would see that art time has become art time for two.

You would see a few good temper tantrums.

You would see farming buddies,

breakfast buddies,

and jumping-in-the-bed buddies (in which this particular episode may or may not have ended with a bloody nose).

For these next few you wouldn't be peeking in our windows, you would have to be in our house peeking out?  Or in a car parked down the street and peeking out of your car window?  Not good options, either way.

But you would see us getting a visit from a local friendly policeman.

(Another good reason not to spy on us: we have it good with the neighborhood guards.)

And you would see much happiness being had on the 'fortress,' as Daphne calls it.

Now that we've discussed at least three different ways that you could get yourself arrested, you go on and have yourself a nice day.

1 comment:

Kelley said...

I will have to try the peeking in the window! :) The kidlets will be able to spend a lot of time in the fortress over the next couple of days as there is 0% chance of rain. Or so the weatherman says.