12 March 2013


Daphne saw two pillowcase-less pillows in the living room the other day and asked why those pillows weren't wearing any shirts.  I told her it's because I was sewing new pillowcases.  Today I made two more pillowcases and when she saw me putting the new cases on the pillows she said "did those pillows need new shirts, too?"  That girl; so funny.

We spent a few hours this afternoon cleaning up the front flower beds and I got to use my new hoe that David got me.  I just love using a hoe in the garden.  Hacking all those weeds to death and getting a good workout while doing it...is there really anything better?

One of our neighbors drove by and said she figured Christian just loved digging around in the dirt.  He does, but he was not the one digging up earthworms and carrying them around the yard as if they were beloved pets. 

He also did not end up half as dirty as she did.

It's wonderful to be getting such a good start in the yard already.  Last year with Christian being so young I felt like our yard was in shambles.  This year, now that he can disappear into the backyard and amuse himself on the slide, our yard will be so beautiful.  I just know it.

always has his tongue out

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