07 March 2013

Bedtime Always Comes


If there is one thing I can say about today, it's that bedtime always comes

Also, single moms are amazing. 

David is working an unusual shift today.  As soon as he got up he was out the door, so aside from a short "good morning and good-bye!" conversation with him the kids and I spent the day really enjoying each others' company. 

I took both of them to preschool hour at the library this morning, my first time attempting that since Christian became old enough to cause mischief.  It was way easier when he would just sit in my lap and watch the big kids and not get so angry when I wouldn't allow him to participate in the rhythm stick game.  Four-year old's with rhythm sticks are scary enough, thankyouverymuch.

After nap time I thought a trip to the grocery store would be a good idea.  It actually wasn't a good idea. There was a very loud race car cart and a very loud 18-month old involved and only three grocery items ending up being purchased, if that tells you anything. 

Apparently this same work schedule is going to be happening quite a bit in the next few weeks.  Bedtime and I are going to be great friends.  
moving furniture for vacuuming makes for good running
so helpful with the dishwasher


Shelley said...

I need to comment on your blog more often because by the time I finally do, I have too many things to say to remember all at once...ahhh the pressure!

1. Daphne is hilarious. You really ought to do a regular installment of the things she comes up with.

2. That movie/laundry event sounds perfect. And Daph is truly a woman after my own heart asking for popcorn. I am obsessed with popcorn.

3. Before and after pics of the kitchen. Absolute must.

4. So sorry about the weird work schedule. I start feeling sooooo sorry for myself when Randy has to work weird hours. Perhaps we will have to plan an outing of some sort, when the girls aren't so sickly.

That is all for now. Keep posting.

Meeka said...

I read the title of this post and was like, "YES, AMEN." I feel like when Ryan is out of town I start the bedtime countdown at around 4:00 p.m. Maybe another late day playdate again soon?