04 April 2013

What We Did on Easter

Now that it's Thursday, let's get caught up on Easter, shall we?

The kids and I got up Sunday morning to sparkly eggs decorating the front yard.  It was a surprise for all of us, even Daphne, who wondered if the eggs had fallen from the sky. 

We waited for David to wake up before heading out to investigate (well, I let Daph go get two real quick, lest she just die from the agony of having to wait). 

Christian thought hunting for eggs was the lamest idea we had ever come up with.

Not so for this one, Happiest Child Ever:

Then it was time for sibling photos.  I accidentally coordinated them in matching polos, making me wish I had little tennis rackets or golf clubs to give them.  Except not really. 

Christian was much more interested in the eggs when we got in the house and he discovered they were stuffed with Curious George treats.  Later I found several wrappers in his secret hiding spot, a little basket under the kitchen sink where he hides all his most special treasures.  (He came up with the hiding spot all on his own.  It's very cute.)

After our egg hunt is where things got real exciting for us...instead of a typical Easter Sunday of going to church and then to a Grandma's house for lots of food, we packed up the car and headed off for a few days in the mountains.  It felt rather heathen-ish not go to church on Easter, except I think even the heathens go to church on Easter.  So I guess this made us even worse than heathens? (My apologies if you are actually a heathen.  I don't mean to offend.) It was also strange not to spend a holiday with other people, but we found we rather liked choosing our own holiday entertainment this one time.

Daphne had been asking for weeks when she was going to get to color Easter eggs, so we saved that event for once we got to the Mountain House.  Except Christian was just like, "I want food."

I'll save vacation highlights for another day (I would say tomorrow, but I don't know.  Maybe Saturday or maybe next week.  I can't go putting too much pressure on myself.).

Hope you all had a good Easter as well.  Even if you are a heathen, because Jesus loves you too.

(I hope no heathens egg our house.)

(I don't know why I can't stop talking about heathens.)


Kelley said...

Because you feel like a heathen!

I've been waiting to hear about the mountain house. I'm trying to decide if it was a snow house or not but I can't tell from the pictures.

Has D seen a lot of eggs fall from the sky? Perhaps we need to get some hens up to you.

Scooter said...

YOU ARE A HEATHEN...LOL. I love that you spent the day with "your" family and then off to vaca in the mountains. Hope you had a wonderful time! Thanks for making me laugh out loud today.