26 April 2013

10 Reasons to Enjoy 80 Degree Weather

You know, because it's really hard to decide whether 80 degrees is a good or a bad thing. 

1.  Little boy summer clothes.  Dressing boys is way more fun then I thought it could be.

2.  Coconut oil stays nice and soft, making it so much easier to work with.

3.  First tan lines and sunburned face of the year.

4.  Taking the kids on an impromptu picnic to the park, all to prove myself the Most Best Mommy Ever.  The random food items that were grabbed in the five minutes we had to pack left much to be desired, and Christian seemed confused on what was so fun about eating in the grass, but Daph loved it.  One point for me.

5.  Making Daphne a daisy chain and having her throw it away in disgust.  I'm supposed to be thrilled with every petal she brings me, she could at least pretend to be happy with my impressive flower art. 

6.  Getting to leave the doors open to just the screen doors, but then realizing Christian has escaped out the back and is running down the driveway in only his diaper. 

7.  A walk in the wagon, which in theory was really fun, but in actuality consisted of trying to pull the wagon with one arm while restraining a screaming Christian into a seated position with the other.  Very difficult and slightly embarrassing because of his wailing.

8.  Playing at the playground for two hours, because going to the park is actually fun now.  It doesn't take long for me to hear, "Hi, my name's Daphne. I'm four. What's your name?" and suddenly Daph is running off with a new friend.

Christian likes to follow the big kids around, or pick up bark dust pieces, or sit by whoever has a ball or a dog.  He doesn't try to tackle playground equipment that is too big for him, a healthy fear that Daphne never shared and is what made taking her to the playground such a frightening and stressful event in the past.

9.  Seeing someone I met at BSF walk by my house and wanting to burst out the front door yelling "HIIIII!!!" but restraining myself until I can tell her that I don't usually sit by my front window just waiting to pounce on passers-by. 

10.  Having to water the garden because it hasn't rained in quite a few days. 

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