16 April 2013


Two true stories for you:

1.  Yesterday morning David got up and asked if I had heard the doorbell ring around 11:30 the night before.  Silly David, of course I was sound asleep by then.

He said he heard it once, then heard a bunch of fast and frantic rings.  He ran upstairs to get the door and found our neighbor on the front porch.

Our neighbor said he heard someone screaming and wasn't sure if David was at work and I was home alone having some sort of catastrophe.

Just like I said in this post, don't try any funny business around our house because our neighbors are like vigilantes. 

2.  I've heard two different times now that 'Christian' is one of the most popular names of the year.  Why is this happening???  I've known a lot of people having babies in the past few years and I've heard of no one using this name.  I have a rule that the names we use for children cannot be on any top ten or even top 20s list, so it's upsetting to know Christian's name is becoming popular. 

And here's a third story, just because:

Today we got new carpet in our stairwell.  It's beautiful. and once we have the new artwork hung I will show photos.  Photos of the kitchen too, because it should be done today or tomorrow. 

cozily reading a book

sometimes he has to wear pink hand-me-downs


Kelley said...

Did they figure out who was screaming? The neighbors to the south, maybe? Will you hear a smoke alarm should one go off in the middle of the night?

I want to curl up with Daphne and read, too. Christian looks good in pink! He needs a pink dress shirt to go with his rosy cheeks.

melissa said...

I don't think they did! David called a friend to have them come check, but I never really heard the end of that story.

Christian does need a pink dress shirt. It would be very manly of him to not be afraid to wear pink.