06 April 2013

The Mountain House

I kind of want to talk about our vacation in the most monotonous, boring way ever.  Like this:

Last year we liked our vacation at the snow house.

This year we decided to go to the mountain house, mostly because it was cheaper and because we could take Lola. 

There was no snow because it was the warmest weekend of the year and because we were at a lower elevation than last year.

We played inside and outside, watched movies, ate food, read books, had no internet or cell service, went hiking, and ate more food. 

It was fun.

The end. 

Seriously, by bedtime tonight I felt like I could barely come up with enough responses to all of Daphne's questions today (I read recently that a 4 year old asks an average of 437 questions a day...I know whoever said that was not exaggerating) so I just want to blog like a man with no embellishing whatsoever. 

I can share pictures though.  And even with pictures I can be lame and not think about what I'm saying.  Like this:

This was C's face every time he saw water.  He's saying 'wow':

This is a dried up river bed we found.  Daphne loved it:

This is Daph as a good hiker girl:

This is Chrish as a good hiker boy:

This is David pretending to wash dishes:

This is Chrish attacking Lola:

OK, never mind, I can't talk like that anymore.

The cabin had a lovely deck with a little creek and bridge out back.  Even though it would have been fun to have snow, it was great to be able to go in and out so easily.  Christian would stand at the door and whimper if he felt like he'd been inside for too long, so opening up the sliding door for him to play out back was perfect.  As long as he didn't go stomping through the creek, which was his favorite. 

Having no internet was wonderful.  Too much time is wasted on the internet these days (seems like to me, but what do I know?), especially with the millions of little gadgets that make it so accessible.  It was a wonderful purge to be without for 3 days and we didn't miss it one bit. 

Now that I have vacationed 2 times with these people, I think I can safely say I like it.  Lots.

This is everyone who was on the trip:

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