24 April 2013

Bad Days and Good

I haven't been up to writing much.  This is mostly due to the fact that my dear children, who I just love so much because they are wonderful and sweet, have been, well, not necessarily on their best behavior lately.   

Christian has been exponentially whiny and needy, a stage all little ones go through at various times in their lives.  New teeth?  Not enough sleep?  General malaise?  It's hard to know. 

And Daph...it would be nice that if she's going to ask the 437 questions a day, if she wouldn't mind listening to my answer the first time instead of saying "huh?" so then I have to answer again, and then not asking "huh?" again, so I have to answer one more time...because that means I'm basically answering 437 x 3 questions a day and that is just too much for my weak mind to handle.  

Thankfully the sun has been out because who doesn't feel better when it's warm and beautiful outside? 

checking the status of the strawberries

I'll tell you who.  It doesn't take long for my wonderful and sweet daughter to start complaining that it's too bright, or she's too hot, or about all the bees.  (They're not bees, just tiny, tiny, flies.)  I put Christian in shorts yesterday and he got upset because the pants didn't extend to his ankles.  It's like they've spent all their lives in a dark cave and are just now seeing the sun for the first time.  

So anyways, it's been a real barrel of laughs over here.  Fortunately our neighbors walked to the park with us this afternoon and then brought over ice cream (different neighbors than the life saving ones...such great neighbors we have), and that DID cheer the little ones up. 

The bad moods can only last so long.  I expect change for the better to happen pretty much any minute. 


Kelley said...

This too shall pass...

What's inside doors? What's inside the walls?

melissa said...

I'm sure my questions were not annoying!!! And I bet I always listened the first time. :)

Shelley said...

Maybe they need a little road trip south and a frolic in the Brownsville park again! Sounds good to me.:) In other news, you're N.O.T. A.L.O.N.E. Hang in there, you're doing a great job.

melissa said...

You're right, we probably do need to do that. Just make sure the weather is warm and sunny when we come. :)