13 February 2011

Many Things to Love About Parties

Here is what Daphne loved about the shower we had this weekend for her new little cousin, Addison...

1) She got presents, too. A stuffed pig Valentine from Uncle Kyle, the largest collection of Play-Doh imaginable from Aunt Erin, and stickers and paper from Grandma-Great. Daphne loves presents.

2) Daphne loves Addie.

3) A hurricane suddenly blew through and Daphne really loved standing in the wind (as long as someone was holding her tightly because it would have been tragic to see her flying through the fields had someone let go).

4) It was so fun when Uncle Kyle pushed her in the doll stroller at lightening fast speed through the house.

5) Daphne loves Addie again (and playing Killer Bunnies).

6) Is this dog Payton or Cooper? It's hard to tell from far away, but Daph loves both of them and their beds.

6) Daphne loves Addie but can get distracted by ribbon.

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