22 February 2011

Slices of Life Vol 1

I found this idea from a blog I read who found it from a blog she reads...but I liked the idea so much that I'm copying it. If any of you read Jonah's blog you will recognize the fact that I am a total copycat.

I like the idea of being able to record some little things that happen; things that probably don't matter to anyone else, but little memories I don't want to forget.

So I give you Slices of Life, Vol. 1:

~The other morning I was taking a shower when I could hear Daphne yelling her heart out from the living room. Like a good mom, I hurried as fast as I could so I could get out to help her with whatever terrible predicament she had gotten herself into. What I found is that she was sitting on the floor playing, and a basket she wanted was on the floor about 5 feet away from her...and she needed me to get it since apparently it was way too hard for her to walk over and get it herself. (No, I did not get it for her.)

~Daphne loves to color and draw. We got her one of those big magnetic drawing toys that come with cute magnet stamps. She loves it, and loves it when I sit with her so I can draw whatever she wants me to draw. Yesterday she asked me to draw Bethlehem. I was a little nervous at the challenge, but I think I did OK because she seemed pleased with the result.

~David has taught Daphne the names of some of his favorite football players, and I think she likes the rise she gets when she jumps into a conversation spouting off her name-dropping skills. This morning I had the baby monitor on and was waiting for Daphne to wake up when I heard her little voice saying her first words of the day: "Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice. Ronnie Lott. Ronnie Lott. Jerry Rice." Was she dreaming about football players? Because that's kind of weird.

~Does anyone else think that whoever makes child proof outlet covers are just scamming us to take all our money? Because every single one that I have bought Daphne has always been able to take out of the outlets easily. Now she loves to practice her fine motor skills by taking them out, putting them back in, taking them out, putting them back in. I think we would all be safer if we didn't have outlet covers.

~I just watched Daphne pull a Kleenex out of the box, wipe her nose, then stuff the Kleenex back into the box. And then because I'm cheap, I pulled that same Kleenex back out and used it myself.

~Speaking of Kleenex, Daphne can officially, as of today, blow her nose on command. Like actually do the nose blowing action where stuff comes out. But for some reason she'll only do it when you're innocently staring at her cute face (no tissue anywhere nearby) and then laughs hysterically when snot goes flying everywhere. It's a neat trick.


GrammaR said...

Okay, she may have been 'on the farm' for the last two weekends, but I did not teach her to blow her nose without kleenex. That is one habit we need to break.

Oh, and we raised three children without outlet covers.

GrandpaR said...

Yeah, 3 out of.......