14 May 2010

Some People's Kids

One of Daphne's top 10 favorite songs is The Itsy Bitsy Spider, complete with motions. She likes it if you sing it 200 times in a row. And, if she happens to turn her back on you, she can somehow tell if you stop doing the motions. I wouldn't try it if I were you.

On an unrelated note, this afternoon I swept all the winter junk off our back patio area so Daph could have a large and less dirty place to play. I set up some Adirondack chairs and cushions, making it a charming place to sit and watch her eat rocks and dirt.

She always wants to wander into the garage and I have to go fetch her out lest she eat nails or dog food, but also to keep her from stealing Brynner's kennel.

I assure you these photos were not staged. One minute Brynner was sleeping contentedly in his house and the next minute Daphne was trying to crawl in there with him. Brynner usually runs away as soon as Daphne starts to come near him, so apparently snuggling with him in his place of solitude is definitely getting too close.

She was even closing the door on herself.

I was telling David just the other day that Daphne might be getting to the age where she would like blanket forts in the house. If nothing else it would be more sanitary.

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