17 May 2010

First Ever Parenting Tip

Today I discovered an amazing trick. I'm sure everyone I know already does this, so pardon the fact that I am slow.

We had lunch at Baja Fresh today. Daphne thought the beans were especially yummy.

They were also especially messy.

She was finished before David and I were, but I got out the wet wipes to start cleaning her up. Of course she started screeching because she hates being washed, so I gave up for a bit and just left a wipe with her to play with while David and I ate. I thought I would save the hootin' and the hollerin' about being cleaned up until we were ready to leave.

But what you know, leaving the wet wipe for her was the best thing ever!! She had herself practically all cleaned up just by playing with it, plus the wipe had softened all the hardened food on her hands. When it was finally time to leave, clean-up was a breeze.

So, for my parenting book that I may end up writing, I have one glorious tip: let your kid play with a wet wipe if he or she is finished eating before you are ready to get up from the table. They can self clean and be entertained at the same time.

Since that's the only tip I have, my book will probably be more of a comic strip seen once in your Sunday paper.


Emily said...

Great idea!

I Need Scents said...

just wanted to say Hi as I'm surfin fellow bloggers! I should be working... shhhhhh but its ok, cuz I'm the boss, right?
I'm living in Vegas now, but am from "up there" originally; grew up out in Washougal, had a float home at Jantzen Beach for awhile---LOVED that.

Enjoy your day!